The Past Life Regression session I had with Sarah was a fascinating and emotional experience. Sarah took me back through time using Hypnosis techniques in a very supportive and gentle manner. For me, something very relevant came up which helped me understand a present life issue. Sarah supported me every step of the way in a very sensitive and caring manner and made it clear I could stop at any point if I wished. I found Past Life Regression to be a very powerful and useful experience that brought much needed clarification to a present life issue.

AD, Dorset

Sarah has treated my arthritis in the shoulders and neck. With her help I was able to come to terms with an often painful, chronic condition. I am unable to take any anti-inflammatory medicines. Sarah has taught me to use the resources I have in both my body and mind to alleviate pain. Sarah's healing has brought me relief and much improved movement and I am extremely grateful to her for that.

Sarah also gave healing to our cat Ginger on several occasions. Ginger was well over twenty (vet's estimate). Ginger had arthritis and kidney problems. We knew his real problem was old age but he still seemed to be enjoying life, sleeping (a lot) eating, purring except sometimes. During these "sometimes" Sarah gave him healing - with his permission - and he went back to sleeping, eating and purring again. Sarah eased Ginger's last days and I can never thank her enough for that.

GW, Somerset



I have benefited from both healing and matrix re-imprinting sessions with Sarah. Having never experienced either treatment before, I found that Sarah's calm approach was very reassuring, and felt totally relaxed about what was going to happen as she explained each step clearly.

The healing sessions helped me to feel more calm and relaxed during a stressful period, whilst the matrix re-imprinting helped me to understand and address the real root cause of some challenges which I had been facing in my life.

AL, Hamphire

My healing sessions with Sarah have been a fascinating and wonderfully calming experience. My first session was the first time I had tried this kind of treatment and whist initially being a little unsure of how much it could help me I soon found myself totally absorbed in my session and felt incredibly relaxed afterwards.

I was having stomach problems at the time of my first session which Sarah picked up on and so concentrated on this area, I felt a warm sensation in my stomach during the healing session and to get a physical reaction like this as well as a general feeling of well being, I decided to have further sessions.

I was eventually diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour, a type of pancreatic cancer. This was a stressful time for me, and physically and mentally draining. Sarah’s healing helped me during this time, I always feel relaxed and revitalised after a session.

Sarah also treated my giant house rabbit in his later years and certainly has a great affinity with animals. It was fascinating to watch her work and see him respond so positively.

Sarah is passionate about what she does and immediately makes you feel at ease.

TG, Hampshire

My first impression of past life regression was of apprehension and how I would feel if I got an experience of a past life. I was also worried that I would not be very receptive to it and it would be a waste of time. However, Sarah was amazing in my session and made me feel very calm and relaxed. When I got a glimpse of some of my past memories it was very thought provoking and emotional. I came away wanting more sessions.

KC, Dorset