Skype Sessions

All therapies are offered in the comfort of your own home, on a Skype only basis, with the exception energy healing therapies. Skype can be an excellent way of fitting these sessions into a busy lifestyle or if clients are unable to travel to the clinic. It allows people from all over country and indeed the world to have access to sessions at a time to suit them without the inconvenience of travelling. Often people will feel more comfortable having these sessions in the familiar surroundings of their own home and with hypnotherapy based sessions, are able to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and therefore a deeper level of hypnosis.

Are Skype Sessions Safe for Hypnotherapy Based Sessions?

There has been a lot of controversy in the past around whether Skype should be used in treatments involving hypnosis due to fears around what would happen during a session if the Skype connection was lost. However, safe guards are put into place if this were ever to happen. For example, on discovery of a lost connection, the client would be advised to go to their ‘safe place’ and return slowly from hypnosis in their own time. After enough time had lapsed to allow for this to happen, connection would be resumed with the client via a landline telephone or off line mobile phone. Also, there are certain safety requirements that need to be met in order to engage in a hypnosis based session via Skype. These are listed below.

Requirements For Hypnosis Skype Based Sessions

If you decide the convenience of a Skype session is for you, to safe guard you during a session involving hypnosis, it is necessary that you are able to fulfil the following safety requirements:

  • You have access to a fast, strong and secure broadband connection
  • You ensure that you have a place where you will be comfortable, not overheard or disturbed during your session
  • The device you are using has an inbuilt webcam or is attached to an external webcam
  • You position your webcam/laptop or tablet so that your face is seen at all times
  • The device you are using must have an inbuilt microphone or a working external microphone attached
  • You have a Skype account or are able to set one up
  • You are familiar with Skype and if not, that you are able to spend some time before the session familiarising yourself with the video call service
  • You give permission for your Skype session to be recorded
  • You have the recording ability on your device and enough memory space if you wish to record your own Skype session

All sessions involving hypnotherapy will automatically be recorded for safety reasons, in MP3 format (sound only). It is advised that the client also records the session using any number of recording options available for their device to record Skype for their own records. Often it can be hard to remember information gained under hypnosis and recording the session will allow access to this information after therapy. It is not essential to record your own session, but advisable if you wish to retain information from the session. All retained recordings will be treated with the upmost confidentiality and in accordance with the data protection act. They will not be made available to anyone other than the client on request.

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