Sessions & Fees

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions are charged at £40.00 per hour.

Smoking Cessation Therapy sessions are charged at £90.00 and sessions last between one and a half and two hours.

Healing sessions, including Reiki are charged at £35.00 per hour.

Past life regression sessions are charged at £75.00 for an hour and a half session.

Animal healing sessions and animal Reiki sessions are charged at £30.00 per hour for large animals (for example horses), plus £5.00 call out (£35.00 per session). Small animals (including dogs and cats) are charged at £20.00 per session including £5.00 call out (£25.00 per session). Sessions may not last an hour for smaller animals (please see below).

Home visits are available for Reiki and Animal Healing and are charged at an extra £5.00 per session and made within a 20 mile radius of Shaftesbury.

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Sessions usually involve both a combination of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, depending upon what is being treated and will last an hour. Longer sessions are available if the issues involved are complex and need working through to reach a satisfactory end point, for example, when working with cases of deep trauma, such as physical or sexual abuse. Skype sessions are also available for this practice.

Smoking Cessation Therapy

A single session is all that is required for this therapy. The session can either be held face to face at my clinic or via Skype and involves the use of hypnotherapy. Please click here for more information on using Skype for hypnotherapy based therapy sessions.

Healing sessions, including Reiki

Sessions consist of approximately 10 to 15 minutes briefing before healing commences. The healing act will last from between 30 to 40 minutes (depending upon briefing times), followed by a 10 to 15 minute debrief post healing.

If a client would prefer to be treated in their own home or is otherwise unable to travel to the clinic, home visits are available and will be charged at £5.00 per visit.

If treating more than one person or animal on a home visit, there will be only one call out charge of £5.00.

Past Life Regression

Sessions last an hour and a half and can either be held at my clinic in Shaftesbury or via Skype. The cost includes a recording of the session. Please click here for more information on using Skype for hypnotherapy based therapy sessions.

Animal healing

Animal healing sessions are done on a home visit only basis. Sessions consist of approximately 30 to 40 minutes healing time, with a briefing before healing commences and debriefing post healing, so sessions are a minimum of an hour. Some smaller animals, including cats, will not need 30 to 40 minutes healing time or sit still for that time and so a shorter session may be needed and will be dependent on the animal at the time.


More about sessions

Skype sessions in the comfort of your own home are available for EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, Smoking Cessation and Past Life Regression therapies. For more information on Skype sessions please click here.

If you prefer a face to face consultation, I run a clinic on a Saturday situated in Shaftesbury at Hidden Depths, The Corner House, 4 Park Walk, Shaftesbury, SP7 8JR. Home visits for Reiki and Animal healing are available within a 20 mile radius of Shaftesbury.

If you are out of the home visit radius, please contact me with your details as a visit may be arranged at an additional call out cost. Alternatively, I can put you in touch with a healing practitioner in your area. Also, you may want to consider distance healing as an option.

Distance healing is free and conducted without the physical presence of the client. Healing energy is sent through the ethos, with the intention of benefiting the patient at a distance.

If you wish for distance healing to be sent to you, a friend, family member or pet, please email me with details, using my contact page or by clicking here.

Concessions are discretionary and available on request.

Unfortunately, due to insurance purposes and to the strict laws laid down protecting minors and vulnerable adults, with the exception of healing therapies, I am unable to offer any of my therapies to those under the age of 18.