Past Life Regression

Simply put, Hypnosis is the focusing of the mind whilst in a relaxed state. Hypnotherapy is a powerful mind based therapy which uses this altered state of consciousness to communicate with the subconscious mind, allowing for a range of emotional and psychological issues to be dealt with from past trauma to addictive habits. The client always remains in control and is aware of all that is being said and done whilst in a state of hypnosis. It is merely a process we can use to access the subconscious mind where all long term memory is stored.

Past life regression is a technique involving hypnosis, used to take a person back through time to experience memories of previous lifetimes. This can be a deeply beneficial process that can often explain why we may hold fears that can not be explained by anything that has happened to us in this life time. Who you are now can often be strongly influenced by who you were before. Sometimes the effects of a traumatic experience can be brought through lifetimes impacting upon present life, resulting in irrational behaviours, anxiety, phobias and fears. Under regression, issues can be brought into our awareness to be dealt with so that they no longer impact on our present lives. Often people are just curious as to who they may have been before or have a strong relationship with another and wish to explore the connection.

Past life regression can be a deeply healing journey, where we can explore our origins, encounter soul friends and groups and help us gain a larger understanding of who we truly are. This process can be very therapeutic and can incorporate Soul retrieval work. It can even include entering life between life states (or the Interlife) to further explore who we are, our souls groups and soul purposes.


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