Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting was founded by EFT Master Karl Dawson who evolved EFT into a process where guided imagery is used to access the subconscious mind and take the emotional intensity out of a past memory.

Matrix Reimprinting in Dorset, WIltshire and Somerset

Whenever we experience a traumatic event in our lives whether that be a small T trauma, such as being shouted at by a parent when young or a big T trauma, such as a car accident, we can go into a state called the ‘freeze response’. This natural biological response is activated as a way of coping with the traumatic event at the time. Each time a freeze response is experienced at a time of trauma and the response can’t be naturally discharged, an energetic print call an ECHO (Energetic Conscious Hologram) splits from yourself and remains frozen in time. These ECHOs then hold the trauma in the subconscious mind, or more accurately, out in your energy fields and are forever being relived along with any self-limiting beliefs formed at the time.

Each ECHO can become a stress trigger and may cause you to ‘relive’ the traumatic event if tapped into by trigger stimuli that is related to the original trauma. Reactions can be akin to as if the trauma was happening in the present. These responses can place an immense amount of stress on your system affecting mental, emotional and physical health.

The aim of Matrix Reimprinting is to revisit these ECHOs and with the use of EFT, de-traumatise them , creating new positive memories and providing resources that your younger self did not have at the time. Limiting self-beliefs formed can be released and new positive beliefs imprinted, allowing improved well-being, reduced response to stress triggers and a more whole self as your ECHOs are lovingly reintegrated.

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