Energy Healing

Energy Healing and Reiki in Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset

Energy or Spiritual* healing as it is sometimes known, is the act of restoring the balance between, body, mind and spirit. It is a therapeutic approach, which is natural, non-invasive and holistic and has the intention of promoting self-healing, bringing a sense of wellbeing and peace to the patient/client. It is a complimentary therapy and can be run safely alongside conventional medicine.

Energy healing works on an understanding that we are all energetic beings that we live in a world made up and held together with energy. A healing practitioner can channel energy from the ethos with the intention of healing another person or situation.

The healing energy flows through the hands of the healing practitioner who holds this intention and if the patient/client is open to receive this energy, it can aid the patient’s body in healing itself, releasing energy blocks and allowing the body’s natural life force energy (or Chi) to flow freely once again.

The healing practitioner is only a healing facilitator. It is the human body that is the true healer. The healing practitioner has no control over what the patient’s body does with the healing energy, only that it is given to the client with the client’s highest good in mind.

Energy healing can be carried out with either hands on or off the body. Permission is always sort for hands on healing and the patient’s body privacy is always protected. Sessions are always relaxing and although no guarantees are made with regards to healing specific conditions, a sense of wellbeing can be restored allowing the body to heal itself in whatever way that may manifest.

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*Spiritual - Originating from the Latin word ‘Spiritus’ meaning breath of life.


Reiki is also a form of energy healing which has it’s roots in ancient Japan, Tibet and India. It is set apart from other forms of energy healing by the use of healing symbols. These symbols are said to activate a higher, more refined energy transference. The Reiki student is attuned to these powerful symbols on completion of training by their Reiki master. On attunement, these ancient scared symbols become activated within the students own energy system and available for use in the Reiki healing therapy. These symbols do not activate on their own and can only be used affectively when the student has been attuned to them by their Reiki Master.

A Reiki healing therapy tends to be carried out with a more hands on approach and can be applied to animals too and like with all energy healing, it is a natural, non invasive therapy which creates an environment for self healing to occur.


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