Animal Healing

Animals are so receptive to energy healing. Their sensitivities to energy are so much more powerful than ours. They live on a plane where they activity engage in these energies each day of their lives. They are attuned to the earth and her energy system and so for them energy work is as natural as eating.

Energy Healing can assist in reducing stress, boosting the immune, promoting the body’s natural ability to heal itself and especially for animals can be found help to release past trauma. Animals never sease to amaze me with how they can benefit from the healing energy. They seem so willing to release past trauma, they are just seeking a safe space in order to let go, which healing can provide. They can not cry like their humans friends to release their emotions and domesticated pets have long lost the ability to discharge trauma, using responses such as the freeze response, like their wild counterparts are able to do. Domesticated animals live so closely with us that they can not help but be caught up in the energies that are affecting a household where they reside. These energies maybe calm, but more often or not they are subject to the stresses and strains that their human friends are enduring and being so much more sensitive to energy, it can have a huge impact upon them. Often a healing treatment will be given to an animal that is displaying symptoms of stress, only to find that the animal is amplifying the stress within the household and it is the carers who would most benefit from the healing energy.

The bond between animal and carer can be incredibly strong. They can become part of your family and often when we lose them it can be akin to losing a family member. Animals are very healing in themselves. Stroking a cat has been scientifically proven to reduce our own stress levels. Often with those animals that have close bonds with their carers, it has been known that they can adopt out of character behaviour, depression and even physical symptoms when their owners are ill. These beautiful creatures we choose to share our lives with really can become our own healers.

Animal Healing in Dorset, WIltshire and Somerset

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